Helloooo friends! It's been a month since I posted on my website! I've been busy starting my new job, getting back into a NYC routine and wedding planning! I've missed posting on here, and I felt I should start posting with something I haven't done in awhile...a fashion blog post!

Since March, we have all been spending much more time at home. Comfort clothes has taken on a whole new meaning. Whether you're working from home, ne...

For deciding what to get for Father's Day, I wanted to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement by supporting Black entrepreneurs. As I began to do more research, I started looking into diversity and learned there are only 4 Black CEO's that are leading Fortune 500 companies. The companies are Lowe's, Tapestry, Merck & Co and TIAA. As someone in Corporate America, I definitely notice a lack of diversity in leadership roles, and...

Hope everyone is staying safe during this quarantine! Back in March, I shared ideas of being creative when you're stuck at home, and it's become one of my most popular blog posts to date! I wanted to share more ideas of what I am doing to stay busy and keep me creative. I hope these ideas help you stay inspired, creative and have fun!

Learn how to Tie-Dye with Fruit/Veggies

This is something I have been TRYING to figure out, but...

Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 10 this year - right around the corner! Here are ideas for last minute gifts you can get FAST from Amazon for Mother's Day!


  • Apple AirPods (with charging case) - I didn't understand the AirPods hype at first, but once I got a pair, I can't imagine using any other earphones. I love having no ear phone wires to deal with, and just be able to walk with the AirPods in! Sound qual...

My Tie-Dye obsession continues! I've been experimenting with Bleach Tie-Dye on light colors to create a light mixture of pastels and white together. I really love how my sweatshirt turned out, and I wish I bought matching pants to complete the set. Anyways, to create this sweatshirt look, it cost me under $25!

Follow my step-by-step guide, or watch my tutorial of my DIY Bleach Tie-Dye on IGTV or Youtube.

What you will need:

Who else hates being stuck at home?? I know I do. 

Since going into isolation to stay safe from the medical harm of COVID-19, it has been difficult to write on my blog. There are bigger problems in the world to be aware of than me sharing a trend I am currently loving! Instagram has not felt like the right place to post either because all my archived photos misrepresent what my life looks like right now. Many bloggers have expr...

I have been obsessed with tie dye since last summer, and I've been testing out making my own tie dye! There are a few small businesses who sell hand-made tie dye that I am OBSESSED with, but I started making my own tie dye because it's fun to make and it helps me save money with creating new outfits! For this weeks tie dye project, it cost me $7.99 for a sweatshirt from Amazon, and I already had the Tu...

January 6, 2020

Happy New Year, friends! I am starting off the New Year my favorite Yup, nothing better than treating yourself (am I right?!?).

I had the week for New Years off, and I decided to stay local. During one of the days, I biked over to Soho and walk around the little streets. As I was walking around, I noticed bright colors coming from a pop up store for Stoney Clover Lane. They are known for their bright colored tr...

When I attended my first SantaCon in New York City, I had no idea what to wear. Sure, everyone dresses up for it, but what do people actually wear. Santa Costumes? Ugly Sweaters? Onesies? The answer....all three. Pictured below is what I wore my first year at SantaCon....and sometimes I still wear my ugly sweater because it's SO warm and in the right setting  (such as at the Union Square Christmas Market).

| Ugly Chri...

December 14, 2017

This holiday season, I've seen a ton of social media posts about what presents you should be getting for others. These posts are about all different types of people, such as parents, brother, boyfriend, grandparents, co-workers, etc.....but what about a gift for yourself? Why hasn't anyone mentioned about treating yourself?

One of the best things you can do to maintain happiness is to take care of yourself. Once you take care o...

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