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My First Career Bag: Lo & Sons

When I started my first big girl job a year ago, I didn't purchase a work bag right away. Instead, I used the free briefcase that my company gave to us on our first day of orientation. Looking back on that day, my new joiner group and I all must of looked funny in our matching briefcases walking down city streets post orientation for our first corporate happy hour.

It was a lovely, Corporate America bag but very heavy. I knew there was a better option that I would need to pay for. I started to ask around to other women my age, and I kept hearing the same name - Lo & Sons.

Lo & Sons is a small e-commerce boutique that I fell in love with. It's a great brand that understands the traveling and busy customer needing to fit many things and purposes into one bag. If you are in the consulting industry or travel for work, this bag is perfect for you.

Black Long-Sleeve | Vest (not exact but similar style) | Black Booties |Black Suitcase

This bag is fabulous. This style from Lo & Sons, the O.M.G. fits my: laptop, computer accessories, pen case, wallet, an extra pair of shoes (in its own compartment) and more. With all of this packed away, the bag still feels lightweight (and I sometimes question to myself if I forgot something from how light). Also, the bag has an extra compartment that can be used to store files or strap onto the top of my suitcase.

One of the things that I enjoying during the shopping experience for this brand was their website. The website was very Millennial and Gen-Z friendly - interactive and showed videos of what and how much you could fit into their bags. When making an online purchase, this helps motivate us shoppers without a store associate pushing a sale down your throat.

The O.M.G bag start at $275, and you can go up a size with their O.G. bag at $295, both in a variety of colors.

Check out the website:


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