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NYC Foodie Guide: Top Pizza Spots Worth Your Money $$

If you are a pizza lover, keep reading. If you live in NYC, keep reading. If both these apply to you...keep reading.

There are so many pizza locations in NYC that it has been hard to try them all! From the many I have tried, there are certain ones that just WOW you and you continue to go back.

Recently, I signed up with a personal trainer to get back into the best possible shape. Since I am limiting the unhealthy food I intake, I am detoxing my pizza craving by sharing with you my top favorite pizza spots I personally continue to go back to, and think you should try.

There is nothing better in NYC than Joe's Pizza. Personally, I've ate this pizza with my parents at 2 pm, and with my boyfriend at 2 am, and both times of the day (and state of minds) have been amazing! This spot is perfect for tourist and locals. If you're going to go to NYC, you need to try Joe's Pizza. Consider it a right of passage.


7 Carmine Street,

New York, NY 100014

Tips: Cash only, eat the pizza in the park across the street


Lil Frankie's is currently my FAVORITE NYC Italian restaurant. I am a HUGE fan of their truffle pizza. This little gem is tricky to get reservations for, but is worth it.

Note: Lil Frankie's sells two different types of truffle pizza. Go for the lower priced option that has truffle pieces in the cheese and dripped in truffle oil.


Lil Frankies

19 First Ave

New York, NY 10003

Tips: Cash only, book reservation on Open Table


This spot is located right near Penn Station, and gets very busy during rush hour. This spot is a great spot to go for travelers, local commuters or if you are a pizza lover (like me). You want classic NYC pizza? Go to NY Pizza Suprema.


413 8th Avenue

New York, NY

Penn Station


4. 99 Cent Pizza

Many folks may disagree, but 99 cents for 1 slice of bad can it be? I personally love getting 99 cent pizza because it satisfies the pizza craving and is so cheap! The most popular 99 cent pizza is from 2 Bro's Pizza and there are a bunch of locations located all over Manhattan! If you just want to get your pizza-fix, go find your closest 99 cent pizza on Google maps and there should be one nearby!


Honorable mention...

I went back and forth on whether to include this spot, because Eataly is located in a few cities besides NYC. I continue to go back with friends and on dates because I just LOVE the pizza. These individual size pizzas make the perfect appetizer to split at the table or as your own dinner. My go-to is the Margarita pizza with burrata on top.



200 5th Ave,

New York, NY 10010


101 Liberty St,

New York, NY 10007

(Four World Trade Center F3 Floor 3)

Tips: Book reservation on OpenTable


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