When I looked up the definition of socialite, I found this ....

Merriam-Webster: "Socialite: someone who is well-known in fashionable society and is often seen at parties and other social events for wealthy people"

Then I went to a source that I knew would be more honest about the definition...

Urban Dictionary: "Socialite: someone born from a rich family who basically lives off their inheritance and doesn't have to do any work. The kind of person with a perfect life. They go to parties and buy expensive clothes and own a Lamborghini just because they can."

These definitions seemed to be from the wrong decade. Sure, there is still old money around and people enjoy their life the way they want to, but was it relatable?  I wanted to create something more identifying with myself.

When I talk with my friends and look on social media, I see all the exciting things going on. Cool fashion trends they are adopting, new "instagrammable" food they are eating, and living a dream lifestyle. They are starting out fresh into the work force as a post graduate and trying to navigate their future. To me, they seem like socialites.

So I want to do something different and create a new phrase...

Modern Socialite: someone who inspires, is well-known in society by the lifestyle they live and also supports themself. They are often seen wearing the latest trends, eat at the coolest spots and living a dream lifestyle.



The Modern Socialite blog is about living in your 20's. This site will give you a glimpse at living in New York City, the latest fashion trends and eating at the hottest food spots. You can find reviews and tricks on how to survive in New York City as a post grad and live the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.


Post Grad life seems scary, but once you live it as a Modern Socialite, that's when the next chapter begins.



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Hi guys, welcome to The Modern Socialite! My name is Sara and I am 27 years old. I grew up in Boston, went to college at the University of Arizona and now live in New York City. Currently, I work for a real estate company and love the strategic, analytical and sales-side of my job. In my free time, you can find my exploring NYC and sharing my life through my blog.

I love to try new things and get a good deal while doing it...because let's be real...NYC is expensive! I want to use this blog as a place to inspire others, share things I love and give a glimpse of living in New York City in your young 20's. My blog is a source for city + everyday lifestyle, fashion, foodie tips, beauty and things to do in the best city every....New York City!