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When I looked up the definition of socialite, I found this ....

Merriam-Webster: "Socialite: someone who is well-known in fashionable society and is often seen at parties and other social events for wealthy people"

Then I went to a source that I knew would be more honest about the definition...

Urban Dictionary: "Socialite: someone born from a rich family who basically lives off their inheritance and doesn't have to do any work. The kind of person with a perfect life. They go to parties and buy expensive clothes and own a Lamborghini just because they can."

These definitions seemed to be from the wrong decade. Sure, there is still old money around and people enjoy their life the way they want to, but was it relatable?  I wanted to create something more identifying with myself.

When I talk with my friends and look on social media, I see all the exciting things going on. Cool fashion trends they are adopting, new "instagrammable" food they are eating, and living a dream lifestyle. They are starting out fresh into the work force as a post graduate and trying to navigate their future. To me, they seem like socialites.

So I want to do something different and create a new phrase...

Modern Socialite: someone who inspires, is well-known in society by the lifestyle they live and also supports themself. They are often seen wearing the latest trends, eat at the coolest spots and living a dream lifestyle.


My blog was inspired by the need to see the "behind the scenes" of how to achieve the "picture-perfect" lifestyle we crave for.


I loves sharing the (dirty) details behind attaining these moments: styling our home neutral-preppy (on a budget), find the best fashion find (including my What to Wear series), the attainable dream vacation (reward points) and unfiltered product opinions. The Modern Socialite blog is a great source to millennials and gen z-ers to follow and re-create your own dream lifestyle that values making the most out of experiences and milestones.

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Growing up, I knew I wanted to be part of a creative industry. I loved the idea of becoming a fashion buyer or working in a fashion corporate office doing something creative.


Once I tested the waters of Corporate America, I craved an artistic outlet to get me through the long work days - and my blog was born! I love to capture + record the beauty in our everyday lifestyle and showcase ways to make the glamorous parts realistic + attainable.

I was raised in a town outside Boston MA, studied Retail, Consumer Sciences + Fashion undergrad, spent 6 years post-grad in New York City, and now live in Miami FL. Before becoming a full-time blogger, I worked for a large management consulting firm and real estate company. Recently, I married my college-sweetheart and we live with our 15-year old doggy named Roxy.

Thank you to my community of followers who have pushed me creatively + allowed me to experience my dream job! I am so grateful.

xo, Sara

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