Lately on social media, I am hearing from you guy that my skin looks great and you want to hear what I've been using! Acne is something I have struggled with for a long time and recently, I have been able to control and reduce it! 

So...I wanted to share some of my favorite products I've been using to tackle my Acne! I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts about my skincare products in a video! Leave me a comme...

Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 10 this year - right around the corner! Here are ideas for last minute gifts you can get FAST from Amazon for Mother's Day!


  • Apple AirPods (with charging case) - I didn't understand the AirPods hype at first, but once I got a pair, I can't imagine using any other earphones. I love having no ear phone wires to deal with, and just be able to walk with the AirPods in! Sound qual...

March 6, 2020




Short & sweet blog post today about HAIR! Today I finally got my hair colored after MONTHS of nothing being done to it! It was much overdue. While I was getting it colored and styled, I talked to my hair colorist Whitney Warfield and hair styler Caroline Lee about hair maintenance tips for easy low-maintenance hair styling!


I started getting my hair hand painted, or more commonly known as "balayage" bac...

This past year, I have spent over 116 nights in a hotel room. Yup, a lot of nights.

To make the hotel rooms feel more like home, I like to take as many beauty products as I can fit in to my Dagne Dover Toiletry bag with me. In honor of the holiday season, I am sharing & linking my favorite beauty products I am obsessed with right now!

Lip Sleep Mask by Laneige (picture above) - FAVORITE lip mask that I use day and night.


August 8, 2019

To start off this blog post, I would like to note that I have never done a poor review before on a NYC retail experience. The purpose of experiences with a product in a retail store it to make customers feel connected and interact with a brand. The experiences tend to be "over the top" and make for the best memories that make you crave wanting more. 

And today, I officially have my first less than par retail experience. I...

To skip the heat wave this weekend, my friend Rachael and I went to Atelier Beauté Chanel. We wanted a unique store experience around beauty, and the next best thing since St. Ives Popup Mixing Bar. After researching for new store experiences, I was excited to find and book a reservation for the skincare + makeup lesson from Chanel's newest beauty concept store in Soho.

Atelier Beauté Chanel is a beauty boutique offer...

One of my favorite parts about living in NYC is the shopping experiences. No other city can compare. Being able to interact with products, learn about ingredients and understand how something is created makes the purchases much more memorable and stand out.

One of these stores is Olfactory NYC. Olfactory NYC is a new fragrance concept allowing you to make a fragrance with high quality natural and sustainable ingredients fo...

January 20, 2019

Rooftop spas in Manhattan??? Yes, please.

I never thought I would say I went to a spa and had a ~wild~ time...but here I am saying it after a wonderful half day at Premier57. Premier57 is very different than other NYC spas I have visited. I am so excited I found a spa that is perfect to enjoy with a group of friends, has amazing amenities and a fun vibe. If you are someone who wants a quieter experience, then I would suggest vi...

December 17, 2018

I was doing research online to find a trendy nail salon with a unique experience, and landed across Glosslab. Not only is it the perfect spot for millennials, but also offers monthly memberships on nail services. Unlimited services for manicures and pedicures (gel & regular), polish changes and touch ups all for $89 per month.

I went to go try it out for myself and LOVED the experience! At each manicure and pedicure station, th...

As many of my followers know, this year I have taken my skincare routine more seriously. So, I'll be honest, one of the toughest parts about colder weather is taking care of my skin. Since humidity is low, it has taken me awhile to find what products to use to help protect my skin from red irritation ahead of time. After trying many skincare products, I have found the right ones that work for my sensitive skin and want to shar...

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