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Easy Low-Maintenance Hairstyle Tips




Short & sweet blog post today about HAIR! Today I finally got my hair colored after MONTHS of nothing being done to it! It was much overdue. While I was getting it colored and styled, I talked to my hair colorist Whitney Warfield and hair styler Caroline Lee about hair maintenance tips for easy low-maintenance hair styling!


I started getting my hair hand painted, or more commonly known as "balayage" back in February 2017. I didn't want to get highlights because they grow out in 2 months, and I didn't want the popular ombre style because it didn't look natural. Balayage was the perfect mix of both! Color is painted on your hair to blend out to the tips, which means each strand of hair has different colors. Best part? It lasts 6-12 months, so you'll save money from hair growing out or fading! My balayage lasts 8-12 months, and I get my hair done in NYC by Whitney Warfield at Paul Fox salon in Soho.

Long Layers

This style is great for gals with thick hair, and want more definition in their hair! Rather than getting a short bob, this style grows out well, which means you don't need to come in every 2 months to get your hairstyle cleaned up. Also, the long layers will make your hair feel lighter and give the back of your head more definition.

Hair Gloss

Usually I get this done during my balayage! Hair gloss helps repair sun damage, provides hydrating conditioning, reduce frizz, etc. It gives a nice shine to your hair and makes your hair feel so healthy! Definitely recommend getting this done during your next salon appointment!

What are hair styling and treatments you get at the hair salon for easy maintenance hair? Leave me a comment below!

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