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Father's Day Gift Ideas to Support Black Entrepreneurs and CEO's

For deciding what to get for Father's Day, I wanted to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement by supporting Black entrepreneurs. As I began to do more research, I started looking into diversity and learned there are only 4 Black CEO's that are leading Fortune 500 companies. The companies are Lowe's, Tapestry, Merck & Co and TIAA. As someone in Corporate America, I definitely notice a lack of diversity in leadership roles, and am hopeful they become diversified in this decade. So.... for this year's Father's Day gift ideas, I decided to promote products of Black entrepreneurs and CEO's!



  • The Fishing Caddy - Stay organized during your fishing trips! The caddy includes: fishing seat and storage bucket combination, a dual rod holder attachment, light system with 2 bright LEDs (batteries included), beverage holder, and a quick-release water spigot.

  • Sea Eagle Frameless Inflatable Kayak Fishing Boat (2 pack) - This is a great surprise gift and activity to do for Father's Day! This set comes in two, so you and Dad can kayak together!



  • Fire Pit - Create your own patio space with an outdoor fire pit! This is perfect for summer nights and relaxing together as a family. Personally, I wish we could have our own fire pit in NYC, ha!

  • Outdoor Seating Set - Upgrade your outdoor furniture to create an oasis outside! Perfect to pair with the outdoor fire pit!

  • Outdoor String Lights - Set the mood to make the night more magical with twinkle string lights! I love these kind of lights for our DIY Outdoor Movie set up!



  • Char-Boil Stainless Steel Grill - This is Lowe's top Father's Day grill pick, and it's a beauty! You can cook up to 28 burgers, and theres a side burner for grilling any side dishes!

  • Capital City Mamboo Wing Sauce - For the Dad's that love to cook with meat, this sauce is perfect to try out! Yummy on wings, chicken, pork, beef and seafood! Also, easy to marinade, glaze, dipping, finishing sauce or even for food on the grill for this summer. This variety pack includes their two best sauces: Mild Mambo sauce and Sweet Hot Mambo sauce.

  • Smokey Mountain Cooker - A Charcoal smoker to cook up some ribs or juicy pieces of meat all year long!

  • 4-Pack Stainless Steal Tool Set - Upgrade Dad's cooking set for grilling so he can grill like a pro!

  • Fire Sense Stainless Steel Tool Set - This 13-pack set was also on Lowe's top Father's Day gifts, and includes the apron with all the supplies shown in the photos!



  • Google Nest Learning Smart Thermostat - Take control of your home from your fingertips with this smart thermostat! You can change the temperature from anywhere, view ways to save energy and easy to install.

  • Felt Electric Smart Wifi Bulbs - These are just fun to have! Switch your lightbulbs out with these to be able to turn your lights on/off, change the color, temperature and dim the lights all from your phone with their app!



  • Solo Noir Natural Facial Kit - Anti-aging, high quality ingredients and great for all skin types, this skincare solution is great to use for a professional result. This trio includes a face wash, buff and moisturizer.

  • Brigeo Scalp Massager - Rumor has it men who have tried this product love and praise this product! It increases scalp circulation and stimulation, while feeling like an amazing head rub!

  • Bevel Shave Kit - Clinically tested to prevent razor burns, this kit is perfect for a high quality grooming experience for a cleaner shave! Includes Safety Razor, Shave Creams, Oil, Balm and 20 Blades.

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