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HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2020: What I'm Actually Buying

It's that time of year....the best deals of the season and to figure out what to buy everyone on your shopping list. Obviously, the best gifts are being with family and staying healthy....but also physically getting something is nice too :)

I figured out all the things I want to get my family + friends this year, so I can take advantage of the holiday sales. The best holiday sales seam to be Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend and the week before Christmas (back when I worked in a retail store, I noticed we would do the same Thanksgiving weekend sales as we would the week before Christmas).

It's sometimes hard to figure out what to get someone. I wanted to share recommendations of what I am personally buying / want to gift to help inspire any gift ideas for your holiday giving. Anyways, let's get to it. Here are my holiday recommendations for what to shop for this season:

I am excited to shop for my Mom this year! We usually love the same things, so a lot of my suggestions are based on things I would love to get too. We both love Vince sweaters (best cashmere products), and are both loving similar beauty products! I think the theme of this years gifts for Mom are all cozy-at-home inspired.

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My Dad is usually the most difficult to shop for because he never wants anything! This year, I want to get him some things that he can enjoy using at home, like the meat thermometer or Spirit Infuser Kit! Also, every year, he loves getting a new batch of golf balls.

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Every year, I love getting cool gifts for friends based on products I am loving!! Most of what I listed is products I personally love and would want to "share the joy" with friends so they can fall in love with the items too. My favorite hair tool for my blowouts, MaeLove Night Renewal cream and Tan-Luxe tanning products have been some of my favorite to use this year!!

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I am most excited about the clothing items and desk for gifts this year! I love buying guys clothing because most hate to shop for themselves (so they appreciate it more). Also, Dan and I were watching the TV show SharkTank and found this portable desk you can put anywhere. Saves so much space for a large desk!

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The SKIMs PJ set with the pajamas top & bottom, and robe look so incredibly cozy! Also, I love the winter boots from Nordstrom....perfect to dress up any cold-winter outfit in NYC. Either way, I am excited for getting some good deals this season and showing friends + family with gifts I love!

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