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Finding The Perfect Bridesmaid Dress My Girlfriends LOVE x Birdy Grey

After shopping multiple websites and stores, I finally found the bridesmaid dress style I was dreaming of. I really wanted a dress my bridesmaids would all looked a 10 in...aka fabulous! Also, it had to be a dress I would be excited to wear if I was a bridesmaid. While searching, I had specific criteria I was looking for:

  • Affordable - I couldn't imagine forcing my bridesmaids to spend a lot of money because weddings can get expensive (ex. paying for bachelorettes, hotels, accessories, taking PTO, etc.). Everyone has different budgets, so I wanted to find a dress press that wasn't overpriced.

  • Perfect for all body types - It had to be a style perfect for all body types (ex. chest sizes, curves, etc.) because I wanted everyone to feel confident and excited to wear it.

  • Minor Alterations Required - I wanted a style with adjustable straps and a style perfect for all heights. I didn't want my bridesmaids worrying about paying alteration costs.

  • Comfortable - I wanted a soft fabric that didn't feel cheap and wouldn't be irritating to the skin for an afternoon wedding (also, sweat-proof with hot, humid weather).

I came across Birdy Grey, and felt like it was the perfect match for everything I was looking for. Birdy Grey offers bridesmaid dresses, and have a variety of styles and colors to select from. They are affordable too - all the dresses are $99. I really wanted a satin dress style, and emailed them asking if they were planning to come out with a satin collection. I was so excited when they responded back stating they already had one in the works!!

I ended up selecting their satin bridesmaid dresses in the color gold! I loved the idea of gold on everyone, and when I received the swatches to see it in person, I loved it even more (you can get free swatches before committing to color/fabric).

When I received the dresses (I shipped them all to me to see them first), I went up to Boston to try them on with my Maid of Honor Kelley. We were both SO EXCITED and loved how they looked + felt! Really loved how soft and lightweight the material is! I wish I could keep one for myself :). I am so excited to send these to the rest of my bridesmaids!

Here are some photos of us trying on the dresses! (we still need to steam them to get all the wrinkles out, but we were so excited we threw them on immediately)

Thank you Birdy Grey for making this post possible!


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