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My Wedding Weekend Style Lookbook

We are officially married and home from our mini-moon in Bermuda (our big honeymoon is this winter in Dubai + Maldives)! There are so many wedding things I’m excited to share with my community here, but for now, we’re still waiting on the majority of our wedding photos from our wedding photographer. For the few photos she did send over, in additional to photos from family & friends, I can begin sharing one of my favorite things - my wedding weekend style!

Finding outfits for all the big events leading up to the wedding was fun, and challenging. These outfits aren’t for a random weekend - it’s for your WEDDING. I’m excited to share all the styles and outfits I wore during our wedding weekend and I hope it helps other brides-to-be in finding their perfect style!


White Pippa Dress | Loeffler Randall Sandals | Floral Crown Headband (available for purchase at Luxe & Lace Bridal Boutique)

A lot of the styles I found for white rehearsal dinner dresses were not form-fitting, and I really wanted something that was sexy, but classy! It's my last night as a single lady, so might as well end it with a bang! I found this dress on Revolve originally, and thought it was even more beautiful when I put it on! I thought it needed one more detail, and decided to put the floral crown headband with it to add more details! Once I tried it on to see the entire look, it completed the outfit perfectly! Highly suggest getting a floral crown headband to dress up anything for a special occasion!


When buying your bridesmaid "getting ready" outfits, buy them something they can wear again another day!

My signature flower for the wedding was hydrangeas, so when I saw these pajamas, it just made sense. I purchased the hydrangea pajamas for all my bridesmaids, and I picked myself a white dotted pajamas set! That way, we could all be coordinated together. It was especially cute when we all wore them to the hair salon! Everyone kept telling me how soft their pajamas were, and I thought that was the best compliment because I knew they would wear them again!


This is a dress I wish I could order to keep for myself! It was perfect for our New England-humid wedding day, as it was a perfect, light-weight material. Also, I am happy to say NO ONE sweat through these dresses. They are SWEAT-PROOF! For full details on the bridesmaid dresses, check out my blog write up about how I picked these Birdy Grey dresses.


Demetrios Wedding Dress - Style 8081| Luxe & Lace Bridal Boutique - NYC Bridal Boutique I selected my wedding dress

My dream wedding dress. I felt like a princess in this dress! I went into wedding dress shopping with zero expectations of what I wanted, yet when I put this dress on for the first time, I knew this was the one. It was perfectly romantic, sexy and fitting for a garden wedding at home. Also, the sleeves are detachable, so I wore them for photos, ceremony, and took them off for the reception. Every little detail was well thought, especially the floral design. The flowers were stitched from the corset and trickled down the dress. Absolutely stunning. Full details on my wedding dress shopping experience can be found on the blog write up I did about finding my Demetrios wedding dress at Luxe & Lace bridal.

Thank you Lauren Fair Photography (@laurenfair) and family + friends for the photos!


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