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Greek Island Travel Adventure: Mykonos

When people tell you each Greek Island is different, they really mean it. After Crete, next on our itinerary was Mykonos - the party island (and it really was a party).

Getting from Crete to Mykonos

To travel from Crete to Mykonos, we took SeaJets. I suggest arriving early to the port so that you can pick your seat once you get on board near the window. We enjoyed our window seat and being able to see all the islands we passed during the journey.

Once you get to Mykonos, DO NOT get a car taxi. We ended up waiting a half hour in line for a taxi because there are not many on the island. Instead, go over to the other side of the harbor to Mykonos Seabus, a water taxi, if you are staying in Mykonos Town. This taxi takes you from New Port (Tourlos) to Mykonos Town (Chora) for 2 Euros (per person) and runs every half hour. Much better experience. We ended up taking Mykonos Seabus on our way back to the ferry because we did not want to deal with getting a car taxi again.

Similar to our time in Crete, Georgia from Vamos Travels created our wonderful itinerary.

For our Mykonos itinerary, we wanted a mix of partying and exploring since we only had 2 nights on the island. All her suggestions were perfect for the type of trip we were looking for in Mykonos, and I highly suggest you to use Georgia from Vamos Travel to plan all the activities for your next trip.

Top 3 Favorite Places to Visit on Mykonos

1. Scorpios

Scorpios reminded me of Vegas...but better. Not only was the atmosphere upbeat and entertaining - it felt like a Mediterranean dream, plus the food was amazing. We had the beef tar tar (and you were able to choose which toppings you wanted mixed in), and barbecued octopus. This spot was a little pricey, but the experience and the food was incredible. I highly suggest this spot to anyone, any age, visiting Mykonos.

2. ATVing around the island

To really see the island, it was perfect that Vamos Travels included ATVing on our itinerary. They don't really go too fast, but it was a great way to see the island. We were able to go visit different beaches, see views from the top of the island.....all in an afternoon! If you don't have a lot of time to explore Mykonos, then it's a great way to explore (fast).

3. Exploring Little Venice

Exploring (or getting lost) in Little Venice is my kind of afternoon. It's fun to poke into stores, go up and down the little streets, see all the flowers, and everything else in between. It feels like a maze, and eventually you will find your way out.

Notable Mentions

180 Sunset - the sunset views here were incredible

Hotel: Bluetopia Suites

For the two nights we stayed on the island, we stayed at Bluetopia Suites, right in the heart of Little Venice. This family-owned, boutique hotel was BEAUTIFUL. When we walked into the room, the doors to the balcony were open with bright blue flashes of the ocean hitting our eyes. Walking out to the balcony, you could see the beautiful ocean right below and all around us. It was incredible.

In the mornings, we would be served breakfast out on our balcony, and everything about breakfast was amazing: food, listening to the ocean waves around us and the views. I always thought people would be served breakfast with a view when they requested it on social media, but now I want every breakfast to be served on a balcony at all hotels. Bluetopia Suites, thank you for being a wonderful experience!

Up next on our Greek Travels.... Santorini!

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