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How I Lost Weight after joining Corporate America

Everyone always warns you about the "Freshman 15", but no one warns you about gaining weight after college. Since joining Corporate America, it's been hard to lose weight. Really hard. There are so many work events with happy hours, wine nights and team bonding events with drinks. I felt like the past couple of years, I was going with the flow and not putting my health first. I should of been prioritizing my food and drink options because by my third year out of college, I had gained 20 lbs. I'm surprised someone hasn't created the concept "Corporate 20"!

At the beginning of January 2019, I told myself I wanted to get back to my college weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Throughout the year, I tried going to the gym, hiring a trainer and counting calories, but nothing stuck. I couldn't find enjoyment with working out at a gym. My weight would go down and up, and I wasn't shedding the weight I wanted to.

Two weeks before I left for my Hawaii vacation, I heard about a program called New England Fat Loss (NEFL) from a friend. My friend was in the middle of the program and lost 14 lbs in 2.5 weeks!! After a few days of thinking over the program, I took a leap of faith and reached out to NEFL. I wanted to make an investment in my health. I signed up for the program and started the diet in Hawaii. I was determined to leave Hawaii healthier than when I arrived.

What is the diet?

It's a strict diet over 30-40 days involving drinking a lot of water and eating only protein, fruits & vegetables from NEFL's approved list. In the morning & night, there are proprietary homeopathic supplements drops to boost the metabolism and other benefits to help lose the weight. The most difficult part of the program is the mental toughness. It's all about self control and committing to the diet.

During the program, you enter in your weight, food items, water intake and have access to NEFL coaches on their app! The app was a LIFESAVER. I talked to my health coach, Kyle, almost EVERYDAY. He would notice if I didn't switch up my proteins enough or drink enough water the day before. He wasn't pushy or mean, but a friend to make sure you were staying on track.

What did I eat on the diet?

Since I was staying at a hotel for 3 weeks, I needed to find food options that were compatible with the diet. All meals were eaten out at restaurants. Everyday, I would reach out to my health coach, Kyle, on NEFL's app and he would help me with how I should ask for my food to be cooked, portion sizes, and which proteins I should try out that day. The protein options were awesome! I did not feel like I was donwgrading my food options while on vacation. I ate lots of ahi tuna, beef, chicken and white fish!

My favorite meal were from the Crooked Surf at the Sheraton Kauai at Coconut Beach's. I would get the bowls with ahi tuna, beef, tofu or chicken (pictured below), without rice and sauces/dressings and they FILLED ME UP!


On September 22nd, I started the diet. After the 30 days, I lost 16 lbs!

Before the diet, I often was bloated after eating food and my allergist told me I had a food sensitivity. While on the diet, I stopped getting sick, my stomach was NEVER bloated, and my acne started to clear up. It was unbelievable. Once that started to happen, I knew I needed to make lifestyle changes in order to continue to make my body happy.

I've been keeping up the diet, and I am now down 21 lbs!!

It's crazy, but it was the lifestyle change I needed. Maintaining it hasn't been as hard as I thought it was going to be, but it is because I learned how to order food without all the oils and butter, cutting out majority of dairy and gluten in my life (ugh I miss burrata, but my skin doesn't), and smaller portion sizes (no more over eating).

Throughout my trip to Hawaii, I would wake up, weigh myself and send a progress photo to my parents to cheer me on! Here are some of my progress photos.....

Day 1

Day 5

Day 10

Day 15

Day 20

Today - 3 months post diet

Thank you New England Fat Loss for making this blog post possible and helping me make the lifestyle switch and getting my health back in check!

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Note: All opinions are my own. Please consult a doctor or physician for medical opinion.

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