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How To Be Creative When You're Stuck At Home - Part 2

Hope everyone is staying safe during this quarantine! Back in March, I shared ideas of being creative when you're stuck at home, and it's become one of my most popular blog posts to date! I wanted to share more ideas of what I am doing to stay busy and keep me creative. I hope these ideas help you stay inspired, creative and have fun!

Learn how to Tie-Dye with Fruit/Veggies

This is something I have been TRYING to figure out, but haven't mastered yet! I have had success making dye with fruit (blueberries to be exact), but I can't keep it on the shirt to stain post wash.

HOW TO MAKE THE DYE WITH FRUIT: The recipe I followed use 4 cups of blueberries, 12 cups of water all tossed together into a pot, and brought it to a boil. I lowered the heat and let the water sit for 25 minutes and started using the liquid as my dye on a T-Shirt.

MY STAINING ERROR: After letting it sit for 26 hours, I threw it in the wash (on cold, light load) and it ALL washed out! I am wondering if I need to toss the shirt in something to help it stick on the shirt? IDK but hopefully I figure it out!

Craft your Favorite Cocktail

This has been so fun to create at night! Lately, I have been craving a spicy grapefruit margarita and learned how to make them! I have tried a couple recipes, but keep tweaking them to be a mix of spicy and sweet (rather than sour from the salt). I recommend using/buying a cocktail shaker set to upgrade your bartender skills (but also be able to mix your drinks well). Next, we want to try out cocktails with rum!

Sell your clothes through Shopping Apps

Last December/January, I announced through my blog that I recently lost 20 lbs! Most of my summer clothing that I have is now too big for me, and I have been ordering new clothing. To make more room in my closet, I want to start selling some of my clothing items on Poshmark and Mercari. When I add them on the sites, I will be sure to update you all via Instagram!

Try out a new recipe with a Crockpot

We found my parent's crockpot in Florida and have been using it while we are down here quarantining! It has made cooking a lot easier, and we have found some awesome recipes on Pinterest. My favorite recipe so far has been Chicken Pot Pie (aka the inside of a chicken pot pie). Try making your favorite meals with the crockpot like chili, glazed chicken, or marinated steak!

DIY Kits

I have had my eyes on these from Amazon! They have these DIY kits to make your own herbs, tea leaves, succulents, etc. I really want one (specifically the tea kit). If someone tries these, let me know!


Hope you guys enjoy these suggestions! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

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