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Hello from the Maldives!

Hi, hello, greetings from the Maldives! It's sunny, in the 80's, and the ocean is so clear, I can see little blue fish swimming right next to our over-water villa as I type this.

After getting married back in June 2021, Dan and I opted to do a "mini-moon" in Bermuda, and a "delayed-honeymoon" later in the year to the Middle East + Indian Ocean. We are currently enjoying our delayed-honeymoon in paradise with days filled with snorkeling, tan lines, beach hopping and incredible sunsets!

Dan and I were deciding on a honeymoon between Bora Bora and the Maldives, but we fell in love with the photos + hotels of the Maldives online. The Maldives "dry" season is November - April, so we booked flights so we could go during the dry season (+ it gave us more time to gather the hotel points (months past our wedding + mini-honeymoon)). We noticed while booking our flights that there was a layover in Dubai, so we decided to spend a few days before and after our Maldives trip in Dubai to help with the time difference and split up the travel/flights.

WEDDING PLANNING TIP: If you're financially able to, and have a lot of PTO days to splurge, do a mini-moon and a honeymoon. We are SO happy we did not do a big honeymoon right after our wedding because it would have been too many big events on top of each other. We loved being able to look forward to this big trip.

The Maldives is INCREDIBLE! It is so much better than the photos you see on Google. The Maldivian people are incredibly nice + proud of their islands, the food has been five stars (aka AWESOME), and we have lucked out with incredible weather for majority of our trip. We feel like we are living lifestyles of the rich and famous, but somehow, we were able to get this trip free with points.

I want to keep this blog short and sweet, but when we get back to the US, I plan to do a blog review of our favorite hotels we stayed at, other tips + tricks for honeymoon travel, and share more photos from our trip. We are enjoying these little moments together as a married couple, and for now, you can keep up with us on Instagram.

xoxo, Sara & Dan


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