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How He Asked: Groomsmen Proposal

We are about 4 months away from our wedding! Crazy how fast the wedding day is approaching!!

Back in September, I had the best bridesmaid proposal party with my closest girlfriends, and it was something I will remember forever. I wish, wish, WISH I could re-live it. After the party, Dan and I were talking about how he was going to ask his groomsmen. We knew he wasn't going to do a fancy party (like mine), but he wanted to do something special for his guy friends.

We started searching on Pinterest for Groomsmen proposals ideas and they were all very cheesy. We found a couple ideas we really liked and incorporated them into a package for each groomsmen. Dan purchased each guy a Cigar and a bottle of Macallan (single malt scotch whisky). To package and ask each groomsmen formally, he purchased proposal cards and a box for each cigar, and had all the guy's names printed on each box cover . Combined together, it looked awesome!

Dan was able to give half the guys their gifts in person. The other half he is waiting to give them on their bachelor party (he took a picture and sent them to those he couldn't mail it too). Note - you can't mail tobacco products or alcohol.

We kept laughing at how over-done the idea was, but as each guy received their gift, they were touched and it made them so excited for the big day. With all the craziness happening in the world right now with COVID, it' made the start to our wedding preparation memorable. I am starting to realize that enjoying the wedding is more than just a day, it's also the experiences leading up to it. So, we are making the most of what we can do with all the COVID restrictions, but that's OK...still creating incredible memories!

Here are some photos from Dan's Groomsmen Proposal.

Here are links to the proposal box and cards we purchased on Etsy:

What do you think of this idea?? Also, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments!


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