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How I Asked: Bridesmaids Proposal Party

Before even getting engaged, I had this idea of throwing a party to ask my favorite girlfriends to be my bridesmaids. I didn't want to spend money on a proposal gift that was not meaningful to us, and thought I'd rather spend my money on a party and buy one special gift for each girl. When my wedding planner Kristie and I started finalizing the big items on the wedding planning list, I brought up this idea to her. Not only did she understand my vision, but she brought it to life and absolutely nailed it beyond my wildest dreams.

Once Kristie and I finalized the details, I asked my closest girl friends if they could come to a "small engagement celebration" at my building with a dress code of pastels-colored outfits. I wanted it to be a surprise. I don't think they had ANY idea I planned to ask them to be my bridesmaids with this gorgeous bridal lunch. It was worth every penny to surprise everyone and make them all feel special.


As soon as the girls arrived, Kristie handed each girl a balloon with a pin. We let all the girls pop the balloons at once and a note fell out of each balloon asking them to be my bridesmaids (and one for the Maid of Honor).

After the balloon popping, we sat down at the table and had brunch! We had a chef cooking in my kitchen (it was incredible what the chef made in our tiny kitchen), a server and bar full of yummy drinks! Each food item had so much detail and flavor....I wish I had extra leftovers. It was all incredible. Right before the first course came out, I let all the girls open up the flower box at their plate. I gifted each girl a necklace from my favorite personalized jewelry company called Lat & Lo. Lat & Lo's bar necklace with coordinates is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I wear mine everyday, and it has the coordinates of my childhood home in Sudbury, MA. I gave each girl a necklace with coordinates with a location that was meaningful to both of us.


These photos make me so happy to look back at, and I feel like I am re-living the event all over again. Here is an overdose of photos from my bridal brunch of asking my girlfriends to be BRIDESMAIDS.

A big shout out to Kristie of KMEvents for pulling together a gorgeous day of laughs, love and bringing people together as safe as possible. The amount of detail put into the table display, food, etc. was beyond my imagination, and I cannot wait to see what Kristie will do for my wedding day! I would have never been able to create this on my own, and so thankful to have Kristie as my planner (seriously, this day was a DREAM...Kristie blew it out of the park - home run on how this event went)!

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