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Our Wedding | Reception

The final blog post of our wedding day!! We made it! If you have been following/reading all the wedding day blog posts (below), thank you for reading about our special day!

The vendors that made this day possible!

Bridal Boutique: Luxe & Lace Bridal Boutique

Wedding Tent + Rentals: Peak Event Services

Poker Tables: Boston Casino Events

Catering: B&M Catering

Donut Wedding Cake: Union Square Donuts

Florist: Frugal Flower

Bridesmaid Dress: Birdy Grey

Bridesmaid Shoes: Gold Block Heel Sandal

Drink Stirrers: Gold and Acrylic

Table Numbers: ZCreate Designs (Etsy)

Corn Hole Set: Amazon

After the Cocktail Party, wedding guests went to our reception tent in the lower field to enjoy dinner and our first dance. We selected "Like Me Better" for our first dance song and had the band play it for us (no recording of the song). It's a simple song, but whenever we hear it, we always think of us. Plus, I don't know anyone else who has had it as their first dance song, so it will always be ours.

Once the majority of people had grabbed their “New England Clam Bake” meals, the best men, maid of honor and my Dad did their wedding speeches. Our wedding ceremony was at 1:00 PM, so it was a long day already - by the time the dinner portion started, it was around 4:00 PM. I wanted guests to eat before the speeches because I didn't want anyone to be "hangry" and thought a full belly would help keep the energy levels up during the long day. After my Dad gave his speech, we had our Father-Daughter dance. I loved having it right after the speech because it felt more meaningful and we chatted + laughed about it during the dance! After our dance, Dan had his Mother-Son dance and it was so cute to watch.

Fun fact about me - I don't enjoy dancing at weddings! I love to dance, but not at weddings. I do not know why, but I just do not! It's not my thing. I wanted to have something different at my wedding for others (like me) who do not enjoy dancing during the reception. After we got engaged, I jokingly said to my parents "for my wedding (one day), I want to get a poker table". Every wedding includes a band or DJ with dancing, but I had never seen poker tables at a wedding. I thought it would be different. I didn't want the agenda of our wedding to blur in with everyone elses' wedding day. I wanted ours to be different.

And so....we did it. I found a company to bring in one craps table and two blackjack tables. We had two men running the craps table and one lady at each blackjack table. My Dad kept begging me to get one more blackjack table, but I didn't know if the poker would be a big hit. Sure enough, it was a HUGE hit and people LOVED IT! Some people spent the entire reception at the tables! Also, my Grandmother loved it because her knee was hurting during our wedding and she wasn't able to dance for a long time. This was an activity she could enjoy with no pain on her body.

TIP: If you have elder people at your wedding, the poker tables are a great idea so they can have a fun activity to do besides dancing. It will help to keep their energy levels up from the long day! Plus, your non-dancing wedding guests will enjoy it too!

We also had corn hole and donuts for our "wedding cake" during this time. We picked donuts instead of a traditional wedding cake because we like donuts more than we like cake! We didn't care about being traditional...we wanted food we enjoyed! Dan's grandfather gave us his cake topper from his wedding day, and it was so sweet to be able to use it at our wedding.

Ultimately though, the poker tables were the biggest hit for an activity to do at our wedding!

Thank you for reading these blog posts, and I hope you enjoyed our wedding day photos! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about how we planned + executed our wedding day! :)


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