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WHAT I LIKE: Recent Purchases February 2022

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For February 2022, I'm excited to share the purchases in my shopping cart that were NOT returned. All winner products that I am 110% excited about:

FLORAL TOPS: Small, minimal flowers (no large patterns) are items I am loving in my closet. I purchases these two floral tops (Orange floral bodysuit and Tan floral) from Revolve because they can be worn for work or going out (especially the orange shirt). These two tops are great transitional pieces for Spring and I've been loving wearing them to work and going out for dinner around Manhattan for date night with Dan.

RAG + BONE Jeans - After 2 years of living in sweats, I am starting to adjust to the idea of wearing jeans more often. I haven't found a pair of jeans I LOVE, but once I tried this pair at Nordstrom, I couldn't resist. These jeans are my new "closet staple" that I splurged on. I think we will begin seeing more jeans this spring. Don't get me wrong, lounge-wear is STILL popular, but more jeans that are less fitted. (Pictures make the jeans look fitted, but in person they are looser)

TOP KNOTTED HEADBAND - This has been my favorite way to do my hair when it's a day or two before "hair wash day". I love these knotted headbands from Amazon and wear them for work + date night. Super affordable. I purchased a classic version and Gucci-inspired headband set.

CHUCK TAYLOR - I have been noticing more and more chucks being incorporated into outfits around Manhattan....they are making a comeback! I used to live in my chucks back in college, and I am excited to bring them back into my outfits. I got the black + white high-top version, and didn't realize how COMFORTABLE high-top is. I wore them, before breaking them in, on a weekend visit to Maine and they were PERFECT for exploring Portland in. No blisters at all!

RAINBOW NECKLACE - The gold-layering jewelry is still in style, but I love adding this rainbow piece in for more color to the outfit. Perfect for a vacation outfit!

VEGAN-LEATHER SHERPA COAT - I have received SO many compliments on this coat in Manhattan and during my trip to Maine. It keeps me super warm, and I love how pretty it looks in person. I selected this coat specifically because of the price point - many sherpa-leather coats were $900+ and I didn't want to invest that much in a trendy coat. I ended up getting it on sale for less than $200 and am VERY happy with the quality.


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