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Ice Cream at Emack & Bolio's

For National Ice Cream Day, my friend Emily wanted to go check out this place on the Upper East Side that she found on Instagram. Since we spent the day with a picnic at the park, we walked all the way from 65th to 81st in the heat wave to Emack & Bolio's.

I got Peach ice cream in a fruity pebble cone and chocolate sprinkles on top. In the ice cream, there were pieces of peaches and the ice cream was actually refreshing? I'm still shocked to say that.

My friend Emily got Strawberry ice cream in a fruit loops cone! She also had chunks of strawberries inside the ice cream.

We have been talking about this place since we've gone and will definitely be making a trip back before the summer is over. If you live in the city, or visiting Manhattan, this place is worth adding to your list of "to do's".

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