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Our Last Apartment in NYC

We officially packed up our NYC apartment and are en-route to our new place! (If you missed our life update, we are moving out of NYC)

Since moving to Manhattan in 2016, I bounced around to different spots to save on rent, change roommates and experience different neighborhoods. I loved every single one of my apartments...BUT our last home was (by far) my favorite.

Dan and I in front of our building entrance one last time

Our last apartment was located in Hudson Yards called Abington House (on 30th between 10th + 11th). We had central air, washer + dryer in our apartment (that's a luxury in Manhattan!!), a concierge team, and a private terrace overlooking the High Line. We also had amenities at our property, like Equinox-inspired gym, bowling alley, basketball court and pool.

We originally moved into a studio at Abington House. During the pandemic, we really wanted more space - we weren't planning to work from home and needed something more comfortable for two people. I noticed our neighbors moving out and we took a peak inside. It had a better view from both the terrace and living room, and we loved the kitchen island. After talking to management, we were able to transfer into their apartment. We moved our stuff out of the studio and carried it across the hall into our new one bedroom!

It wasn't the largest apartment (675 sqft - not including the private terrace)...but I am proud this was our last home in NYC. I can't imagine finding a better place. It had everything.

Inside the apartment:

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When Dan moved to Manhattan, he really wanted an outdoor terrace because he thought it would be easier for our dog (Roxy) to go to the bathroom outside. Well...she never used the terrace to go to the bathroom. Instead, we used the terrace to host our friends, dine outside and have an extension of our apartment. Very glad Roxy didn't use it for her own personal bathroom hahaha.

Shop the Terrace:

A video tour from when we first moved in:

It was a great last-home to have in NYC, and I am going to miss it tremendously. Looking at these photos, our home style is much more modern than what our next home will look like! We plan to rent for a year in our new home, and then buy something in the area.

For our next rental, I want to mix some of our modern pieces with color. I love the all white and neutral tones, but it won't blend right for our new nautical, city lifestyle.


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