DIY: Outdoor Movie Theater

I think it's pretty obvious I've been obsessed with DIY activities during this quarantine. I've been making so much tie-dye clothing! Anyways, to continue with the DIY theme, I thought I would share the DIY Cozy Outdoor Movie Theater you can recreate at home.

Here's a little background to how we created our own outdoor movie theater: Dan moved into his Hudson Yards apartment last August, and found a one-bedroom apartment with outdoor space! Slowly, we have been adding furniture. His outdoor space is fenced in, and it's the perfect set up for hanging a projector screen. We found a home movie projector on Amazon, and have used it a lot! It's an easy set up you can create in your backyard or in your apartment! It's perfect for date night, family movies, or to watch a sport's game! The picture above is from one of our date nights we had!

I've included a list here if you'd like to recreate this at home! Both the text and photos are linked to the same or similar products I have!

Movie Projector (includes screen & built in speaker)

Projector Stand or side table (similar style)

Hanging Solar Lights

HDMI cable (perfect to connect using your phone or laptop!)

Amazon Fire Stick

Outdoor Sofa (similar style)