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Our Bedroom Refresh Using Wallpaper

While deciding on how to decorate our apartment in Miami Beach, I have been focusing on small changes to refresh the space. We don't want to invest too much on decorating our rental because we would love to buy our first home within one to two years. So, that means little changes with big impacts...aka wallpaper!

Outfit details: Rust Knit Top | Jean Shorts (similar style) | Woven Headband

We love our neutral bedroom set from NYC, and I wanted to find a wall backdrop to blend well with our furniture. While browsing Instagram, an advertisement from Serena + Lily popped up and I immediately texted my Mom a screenshot of the photo. We are both big Serena + Lily fans. I clicked on the wallpaper ad for product details, and soon learned this product required professional installation + would damage our rental walls.

Now the best part of this story....while I was working at my last job in Real Estate, I would review numerous leases weekly. I remembered a loophole - tenants are not allowed to install traditional wallpaper, BUT there was nothing against peel-and-stick wallpaper.

Difference between Traditional wallpaper and Peel-and-Stick wallpaper.

  • ​Traditional wallpaper requires an adhesive paste rolled or painted onto the wall, and the wallpaper is added on top of it.

  • Peel-and-stick wallpaper requires peeling the back of the wallpaper off and sticking it onto the wall (like a giant sticker). Also known as removable wallpaper.

I reached out to Serena + Lily to ask if they offered peel + stick wallpaper, and sadly the answer was no. I began my google search and came across a similar style. I ordered a few samples (I was deciding between a pastel blue and a gold print). I ended up asking my IG followers for which sample they liked more (thank you to everyone who voted). I decided on the gold peel-and-stick wallpaper to hang up on the bedroom walls (the popular vote pick)!

Sharing photos from our (refreshed) bedroom and my design board (this helped me visualize the paper with my furniture).

More Peel + Stick wallpaper I love


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