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Hello MIAMI + Organizing our Apartment

We have officially moved to MIAMI !!

Dan and I moved out of our NYC apartment at the end of July and stayed at my in-laws until our stuff arrived in Miami. Once we got the call to be at our apartment within 48 hours to meet the movers, we began the drive down. We left Maryland last Wednesday and stopped in Savannah, Georgia to break up the drive into 2 days of 8 hours on the road (otherwise it would have been 16 hours straight). We were hopeing to have dinner in Savannah, but we hit too much traffic. My favorite part of the drive was noticing the landscape changing as we headed south. It was A LOT of driving, and we plan to stick to flying for awhile because driving all day is exhausting.

Since arriving to Florida, we have been unpacking all our stuff into our two bedroom home in Miami Beach! We can’t believe this is our new reality - it feels like we are on vacation! Everything is so lush, and I love how we can see the ocean from every window in our home.

Now that we have more space, that means SHOPPING! I have been prioritizing buying products that help keep our stuff organized. I want everything to have a spot so it's easy to find and less work to tidy up. Amazon has been delivering more and more packages every day, and here are some of my favorite orders for organizing:

Bathroom organization

Closet + Shoe organization

With out second bedroom, we want to make it a home office! For right now, it is the location of "all the stuff we don't know where to put". We need to buy a few more pieces of furniture and organization products so the room feels less cluttered.

Fingers crossed we get it finished this week so we can start exploring Miami! I really want to go to the beach, so I’m hopeing we can wrap up the end of this moving-process.

Have you visited/lived in Miami? Would love any restaurant / things to do recommendations!


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