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Introducing my 2020 NYC Moving Guide!

I have been working on this for awhile, and am excited to present to you my downloadable.....

I get asked about tips & tricks for moving to NYC, where to live, what to look for in a NYC apartment, cost of living, rent expectations in the city, using a NY Relator or an Apartment Search app, etc. I thought it would be useful to put all my tips & tricks I've collected over the years into a guide for others to download for themselves!

As a bonus, I've included a printable NYC Moving Checklist to help prepare for the move into NYC! It's an easy to print checklist and I am planning to use it myself for my next move (this summer!!).

To access the guide: Click 2020 NYC Moving Guide to access the download page!

If you, or you know someone looking to move into the city, send them a link to my downloadable 2020 NYC Moving Guide!

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