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The Met Museum: Rooftop Bar and Garden

Being an adult means paying bills. Being a young adult means paying bills with little money to spare. New York City might be expensive to live in, but luckily there are so many free activities to enjoy.

This past weekend, a group of friends and I went to explore The Metropolitan Museum of Art (or known as The Met). The Met is one of the best museums in NYC, and you could really spend all day viewing all the different exhibits.

What really drew in my group of friends to join me at The Met was....the rooftop bar and garden.

The rooftop has a small exhibit called "The Theater of Disappearance". This exhibit allows you to walk around, enjoy the art and glamorous views of the Manhattan landscape and Central Park.

To get access to the rooftop, you have to purchase an admission ticket to enter the museum. The admission ticket is a donation, so you decide the price you would like to pay to enter. Some companies have deals with museums in the city, and The Met had a deal with my company. Since the group of friends I went with all were from the same company as myself, we were able to get free admission (no donation) into the museum. If you want views of Manhattan, Central Park and look at art for free, call up The Met and see if they have a corporate discount with your company.

If you're working for a large corporate company, take advantage of all their corporate discounts. It will help you save money, even if it's a small discount. Every penny counts.

The Met Rooftop Bar and Garden is open mid-April through October (weather permitting), so make sure to plan accordingly.

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