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Beer Wall: The Best Kind of Wall

When I learned about this spot, I knew one person to call. Not my boyfriend, brother or co-workers. My best friend, Kelley.

Kelley comes from a family who has a passion for beer. She even has her own keg in her apartment. When I told her about Randolph Beer in Brooklyn, we made plans right away for Kelley to come visit me in the city.

When we got to Randolph Beer in Williamsburg, it was around 4 pm on a Saturday and it was PACKED – no sport games, special events….just a random Saturday. We had to grab a seat at the bar because there were no tables available.

Not only do they have great beer options, but you can pour your own beer from their beer wall. The beer wall has 24 different beers and they charge by the ounce. To pay, they give you a card that you use to scan before pouring, and then at the end you pay for what you poured. The interaction on the beer wall make you feel like it is an ATM that keeps giving (until you see the bill).

This beer spot features taps from around New York City, giving you the vibe of supporting local. Since I’m not as big of a beer lover as Kelley, I really enjoyed the variety of beers Randolph Beer offered because it was an experience rather than a normal NYC bar. If you have a big group and you want to go explore Brooklyn, definitely plan to spend your afternoon here with your friends!

Always, Beer Yourself and drink responsibly!


Location: 104 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249


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