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Citi Bike Rides: Central Park

Do you know someone that is just really cool? That whatever they do, they just make it cool? That's my cousin Stephanie. One time when I was having dinner with her in the city, she told me about how she spent an afternoon bike riding with the Citi Bikes in Brooklyn and absolutely LOVED IT. I knew other friends who enjoyed Citi Bikes, but I never saw the fun in it like they did. When Stephanie told me about guessed seemed cool.

So when my friends, Sam and Kristen thought it would be fun to go to Central Park and ride the Citi Bikes around, I thought why not! It was the perfect weather! Not too cold yet and the sun was setting, so it made the night seem a little magical and relaxing.

citi bike rides

After we took some pictures, we were riding and laughing our heads off. At one point, there was a guy running next to us doing a complete loop around the park (W O W) and we started chatting with him about life and he gave us all career advice. Who knew bike riding next to strangers could be productive!

Citi Bikes are a great deal for an affordable activity in New York City! They offer daily passes and annual passes.

Daily Passes

Day Pass (24 hours) - $12

Three-Day Pass (72 hours) - $24

Annual Pass:

One-time cost: $162

Monthly cost: $14.95

If your company is a Citi Bike Corporate Partner or you're a Citi® Cardholder you can get a discount on your membership.

It's pretty easy to grab and pay for a bike also - just go to a kiosk near the Citi Bike station and pay on the spot! Can't find a Citi Bike station? Use their Citi Bike Station map or just use Google Maps and search "Citi Bikes".

Now that it's getting colder, make sure to wear gloves! I'm so happy Stephanie told me about how much fun she had because my friends and I had a great evening with our bikes!

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