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New York City Spa: Aire Ancient Baths to De-Stress

At all different points of our lives, we deal with stress. Starting your career right after college is no different. Working out, reading, distracting yourself from work are all ways to help soothe our minds after a busy work week. For me, I like making an event out of it by going to the spa to de-stress - but as always, without killing my wallet.

Last year for Dan's birthday, I was trying to find a spa to help us both de-stress and an experience to enjoy together. I was looking at Groupon, Blog reviews, articles on the top spas in NYC and finally came across Aire Ancient Baths. Besides massages, they offered "the stuff" that won me over. Now when I search for spas, I look for "the stuff" because if I am going to spend a lot of money on a massage (especially in NYC), I want to have other experiences included (such as pools, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, etc.). This spa is a great price for it's value, and a one-of-a-kind experience!

Aire Ancient Baths is a spa located in Tribeca, and is inspired by the baths of Roman, Greek and Ottoman civilizations. With the spa being lit only by candles scattered throughout, the baths are romantic, mystic and most oasis of relaxation in New York City. For our Valentine's. Day gifts to each other this year, Dan and I decided to go to the spa for a romantic night and de-stress together.

Both times we have gone, we have purchased the package for a 30 minutes massage + 2 hours in the baths. The massage I had was AMAZING! It was done by Samantha, and she did an great job relaxing my muscles and making me less tense in my upper back. Obviously no one wants a massage to end, but with the baths waiting for you in the other room, it makes you excited to continue your relaxation.

The variety of baths offered:

Caldarium - 102ºF Hot Bath

Tepidarium - 97ºF Warm Bath (my favorite)

Balneum - 95ºF One Thousand Jet Baths

Flotarium - Salt Water bath with poles

Frigidarium - 57ºF Cold Bath and 50ºF Ice bath right next to each other (Dan enjoyed these - I put one toe in and couldn't handle the coldness)

Also located in the spa is a steam room filled with the aroma of eucalyptus.

The spa is so clean, both in the room of baths and locker rooms, with friendly staff around to ask questions.

One spa treatment at Aire Ancient Bath we have on our bucket list is The Wine Bath Experience (yes you read that correctly - typo). The perfect experience for a wine connoisseur, this lavish experience includes the baths, 1 hour massage, facial and 30 minutes to soak in a bath filled with red wine. Crazy cool!

Aire Ancient Baths

Address: 88 Franklin Street, New York, NY

Phone: 646-878-6174

To book reservations, call or use their website:

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