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Chicest NYC Nail Salon: Glosslab

I was doing research online to find a trendy nail salon with a unique experience, and landed across Glosslab. Not only is it the perfect spot for millennials, but also offers monthly memberships on nail services. Unlimited services for manicures and pedicures (gel & regular), polish changes and touch ups all for $89 per month.

I went to go try it out for myself and LOVED the experience! At each manicure and pedicure station, there was an iPad available to read the news and different magazines! I loved having the downtime to read the news instead of just flipping through Instagram on my iPhone.

Also, their nail polish selection was impressive! Not only do they offer regular and gel polish, but they have natural nail polish! The salon seems to really know how to cater to millennials.

For how much women pay for taking care of their nails, this is a great deal! Most nail salons in NYC are charging a similar price in gel manicures. If you're someone who goes 3 times a month for a fresh polish, this is worth it. Plus, the salon was so clean, put together and professional with a fun vibe!

If you're visiting NYC or looking for a new nail salon routine, I highly suggest trying out Glosslab for yourself!


West Village / 1 Jane Street (photos from this location)

Flat Iron / 27 West 20th Street

West Chelsea / 601 West 26th Street

Battery Park City / 102 North End Avenue

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