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NYC Store Experience: Creating My Scent with OLFACTORY

One of my favorite parts about living in NYC is the shopping experiences. No other city can compare. Being able to interact with products, learn about ingredients and understand how something is created makes the purchases much more memorable and stand out.

One of these stores is Olfactory. Olfactory is a new fragrance concept allowing you to make a fragrance with high quality natural and sustainable ingredients found in my favorite luxury brands but at a lower price point. They are able to offer better pricing compared to luxury brands because they cut down on license-markup and expensive packaging and just focus on the product itself - the scent.

My friend Rachael and I went to visit this cute shop in Soho. As you walk in, you are welcomed with fun, electric colors to make the vibes friendly and not intimidating. Our experience was easy, vibrant, unique, and very informational.

To start the process, we picked out our favorite scents from a colorful wall (shown below) filled with a range of scents. Once we picked out two, we tried out different combinations of the scents to narrow down exactly what we loved! Then, we got to pick out the color of the label and name our perfume as we waited for the scent to be curated!

I decided to name my perfume "Socialite", because it will remind me of the fun memories my blog has given me! I have been wearing my scent "Socialite" everyday, and have sprayed it all over my room. My boyfriend doesn't know it yet, but I plan to take him here to create his own cologne too!

If you are interested in creating your own scent, use code "SOCIALITE20" to receive 20% off your in-store or online order.

Location: 281 Mott Street, New York, NY 10012


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