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Create a New Skincare & Makeup Routine with Soho Beauty Experience: Atelier Beauté Chanel

To skip the heat wave this weekend, my friend Rachael and I went to Atelier Beauté Chanel. We wanted a unique store experience around beauty, and the next best thing since St. Ives Popup Mixing Bar. After researching for new store experiences, I was excited to find and book a reservation for the skincare + makeup lesson from Chanel's newest beauty concept store in Soho.

Atelier Beauté Chanel is a beauty boutique offering workshops, lessons and experiences for Chanel beauty products. I booked a reservation with Abby, one of Chanel's Artists-in-Residence, which included a skin care overview + routine, then a makeup tutorial with lessons on how to recreate it. What I liked about Chanel's beauty workshop and lessons compared to others I've visited is how they teach you to create the look. Abby would create a look on one side of my face, and then have me do the other to match it. She showed me how to create a new eye look with eye shadows (compared to my usual eyeliner and mascara look I recreate since 8th grade) and how to add a smokey eye effect to touch it up and add more color for after work and date nights.

Check out the photos from the experience at Atelier Beauté Chanel:

All the interior design details were as chic and stylish as you would imagine any Chanel store would be. Every detail from a customer experience was well thought out.

The team Chanel put together to create this sophisticated experience were delightful, not intimidating and made the atmosphere fun to be around! Atelier Beauté Chanel isn't a place you visit once, its a place you can continue to go back to for your favorite Chanel makeup products.

One of my favorite tips we received from a Chanel team member was to check out the medicine cabinet mirrors in the bathroom. Once we pulled back the mirrors, we found all Chanel's beautiful makeup, skincare and fragrance items stored. It was so beautiful and made me wish my bathroom medicine cabinet looked this good. It looked like the picture-perfect medicine cabinet I would find from Pinterest.

One of the unique parts of the experience pre, during and post was how Chanel leveraged an online platform. When booking my reservation, Atelier Beauté Chanel had me answer a questionnaire all about my skincare and makeup routine, what I was hoping to achieve during the session and stored all my information in my own profile. When I arrived, I signed in via iPad and pulled up my profile to leverage during my experience with Abby. All the skincare + makeup products I loved were stored on the profile. I love when retailers pair up technology with the experience for customers - it makes it so much easier to store your favorite products, see previous purchases and have your own personal profile each time.

After the session, I was able to take home a few products to continue testing out on my skin, and plan to go back to buy their HYDRA BEAUTY MICRO CRÈME and LE LIFT CONCENTRÉ YEUX anti-wrinkle eye firming concentrate.

The Chanel team was NOT pushy with selling products, and I honestly loved that. I hate when someone is trying to sell me hard on the next best skincare solution, because it makes me feel that the product is desperate to be sold. The products are truly speaking for themselves, and the experience was so enjoyable, it makes me WANT to go back to buy full sized products. Besides skincare, I want to purchase the eye shadow palette to recreate my own smokey eye with the exact colors because it was such a fun look to rock around NYC.

If you want to go experience Atelier Beauté Chanel for yourself, I recommend picking Abby for your lesson and setting up an appointment or just walking in when you're shopping around Soho.

Location: 120.5 Wooster St, New York, NY 10012

If you go and visit Atelier Beauté Chanel, leave a comment below about your experience! I'd love to hear about it :)

Disclaimer: I only post content I 100% stand by. If I did not love the experience, I will not post about it. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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