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Pop Up: Stoney Clover Lane Experience

Happy New Year, friends! I am starting off the New Year my favorite Yup, nothing better than treating yourself (am I right?!?).

I had the week for New Years off, and I decided to stay local. During one of the days, I biked over to Soho and walk around the little streets. As I was walking around, I noticed bright colors coming from a pop up store for Stoney Clover Lane. They are known for their bright colored travel luggage and accessories and offer personalization with their selection of patches.

I went into the pop up to look around and left with a new travel zip up pouch (not good on my wallet, but I couldn't resist the experience). I was able to select different travel products (bags, pouches, etc.), from a range of colors and pick patches to get added on my pouch. Once the patches were selected, they are sewed on site and ready within the next 1-2 hours to take home (faster service than Amazon - I'm shocked)!

I was helped by the NICEST Stoney Clover associate. He made the experience great (and I wish I remembered his name!!). We worked together to select the patches on my pouch and he taught me all the behind the scenes of how the products are made. I absolutely loved hearing about the product development process and learning more about the company.

Yes, I am a fashion/retail snob and love to learn. It's my kind of museum experience. Here are some photos from the experience...

My finished product included my initials, and a bunch of patches that describe me: a cactus, NYC & Boston food, subway and a NYC patch! The pricing wasn't over the top, but it is a great "treat yourself" activity. I loved going to make this product, but know I will be back to make more with friends!

If you are in the city looking for a fun, non-touristy activity, or someone who loves fashion and retail, this pop up experience is for you! It is available until the end of January 2020, but I hope they keep a permanent location in the city!

Location: 42 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012

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