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DIY: Bleach Tie-Dye

My Tie-Dye obsession continues! I've been experimenting with Bleach Tie-Dye on light colors to create a light mixture of pastels and white together. I really love how my sweatshirt turned out, and I wish I bought matching pants to complete the set. Anyways, to create this sweatshirt look, it cost me under $25!

Follow my step-by-step guide, or watch my tutorial of my DIY Bleach Tie-Dye on IGTV or Youtube.

What you will need:


1. Grab your sweatshirt and run it under water (doesn't matter the temperature)! Once completely wet, squeeze out excess water until the sweatshirt is damp.

2. On a flat surface, lay your damp sweatshirt with the back side facing you.

3. Using a fork, poke the sweatshirt and start twirling the fabric (like a bowl of spaghetti), and place rubber bands around the sweatshirt to hold the swirls.

4. Keep creating swirls with the fabric of the sweatshirt until your sweatshirt is covered tightly.

5. Grab your plastic cup and fill it up with bleach halfway. Next, fill the other half of the cup with water (doesn't matter the temperature). Your cup should be 1/2 bleach and 1/2 water. Mix the liquids together (I used my finger, but I probably should of used a plastic spoon).

6. Pour the bleach & water cup mixture onto your sweatshirt! I poured half of the mix on each side to make sure it was even, but cover the sweatshirt as much as you'd like!

7. Let your sweatshirt covered in the bleach & water mixture sit for 1 hour. Check on it to see how the sweatshirt is reacting. I ended up only letting the bleach sit for 2 hours before I decided it was done!

Tip: Depending on how old your bleach is will impact how long it will take to bleach your sweatshirt. During my first try, my bleach was OLD and I waited 48 hours for the bleach to work. Once I used stronger/newer bleach, it took 1 hour.

8. This is an IMPORTANT part. Once done, grab your sweatshirt and run it underwater (again) to get all the bleach out. If you throw the sweatshirt in the washing machine before getting the bleach out, the bleach & detergent water will mix in your sweatshirt and will bleach your entire sweatshirt!

9. Once all the bleach is out (you can test this by no longer smelling a strong bleach scent from the fabric), place the sweatshirt, by itself, in the washing machine. Set the washing machine to cold wash and add laundry detergent.

10. Once washed, let it air dry or throw it in the dryer. Your sweatshirt is complete!

Check out my other blog post for DIY Pastel Tie-Dye if you want to play with more colors!

Leave any questions you have in the comments below!

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