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What to Wear: Holiday Corporate Events

It's almost the best holiday of the year....Black Friday! Just Kidding.

But we are approach the holiday season, it's important to plan ahead to get the best deals. In my opinion, the best times to shop for deals is either Black Friday weekend (Friday after Thanksgiving till Monday, aka Cyber Monday) or the week before Christmas. Since this post is about what you should wear for holiday corporate events, I suggest you start looking at what you want to buy before Black Friday and watch for the best sales before making your purchase in store or online Black Friday weekend.

Since I wanted to make a post about what to wear for holiday corporate events, I did some shopping already and picked out what I wanted to buy for two of my corporate holiday events. My friend Catherine suggested a site called Ivy City Co because the dresses are trendy and elegant, yet conservative. Keep scrolling below to see my tips about what to look for when picking an outfit!

1. Price, Price, PRICE!

As someone who has recently graduated college, budgeting is tight. It's good to dress well, but this is no red carpet event, so don't overdue it with a dress over $100. When Catherine started telling me about Ivy City Co, she mentioned how everything they sell is so affordable compared to other retailers for the quality you are getting. The red velvet dress is SO comfortable and I'm shocked it was only $58!


I believe work clothing should incorporate today's trends, and the best way to do it is with sprinkles of it. For example, if you look at a bunch of stores, you can see velvet is being sold a ton. So, I found a dress that had velvet, but wasn't tight and was flattering. You don't want to look like you're at New York Fashion Week or going to a night club....remember, this is still a work event. This is one of the reasons I picked out the black lace dress - it has lace but still looks conservative (and gives great shape)!

If your holiday corporate event requires you to wear an ugly sweater, don't worry....I'll cover that topic in a few weeks with another post about NYC Santa Con and the best places to get ugly sweaters from!

3. Don't Overdue It

Corporate holiday parties can start right after work on a Wednesday, or a Saturday night. Either way, don't overdue it by planning out your look to have elaborate make up, or a fancy hairstyle. Keep it simple and classy.

I can't wait to wear these dresses and go to our holiday parties with some of my favorite coworkers (aka a few of my best friends). Cheers to the start of the holiday season!

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