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What to Wear: SantaCon

When I attended my first SantaCon in New York City last year, I had no idea what to wear. Sure, everyone dresses up for it, but what do people actually wear. Santa Costumes? Ugly Sweaters? Onesies? The answer....all three. Pictured below is what I wore last year at SantaCon....and sometimes I still wear my ugly sweater because it's SO warm and in the right setting (such as at the Union Square Christmas Market).

Ugly Sweater at Union Square Christmas Market

Ugly Sweater at Union Square Christmas Market

Ugly Sweater at Union Square Christmas Market

| Ugly Christmas Sweater (see more options below) | Black Fluffy Scarf | Tan Knit Hat (not exact hat but similar)| Black lululemon Leggings | adidas Sneakers |

For more information about SantaCon, <-- click the link to find info on which cities are participating in SantaCon (NYC is one of them), the purpose behind the event, safety tips, etc.

Need help to decide what to wear? I created a guide below with links to all the outfits to get you ready for SantaCon in your city!



Santa Costume

If you want to go with the classic SantaCon look, dress up looking like Santa.

Mrs. Claus

If you are in a cold location, Amazon has some cute options with pants (below):


Ugly Sweaters

Ugly sweaters can be found at many retailers, at all difference price points. I recommend not spending more than $50 on a sweater. You don't want to get a sweater that has cheap material because it can cause you to feel itchy against your skin.

Here are some of my favorite ugly sweaters this season:


Holiday Tee's

Not ready to commit to a heavy costume? These tee's are perfect to get into the holiday spirit with little commitment!


This option I am expecting to be popular this year from how many different types of onesies are on the market compared to past years. Retailers have been getting VERY creative with onesies! My girl friends and I are planning on going with matching onesies this year to change it up (compared to last year)!



If you're wearing an ugly sweater, or not planning to wear the hood of your onesie, definitely buy some accessories! Best spots to go to Dollar Tree, Amazon or Michael's.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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