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5 Landlord-Approved Decorating Tips

I loved writing Our Bedroom Refresh Using Wallpaper, and received feedback during an Instagram Q&A to share more landlord-approved decor tips!

Bedroom details:

Backstory: During my last job, I worked in Real Estate for one of the largest NYC landlords. My job involved reading (many) lease agreements and dealing with resident issues, so I learned what is and is not allowed while decorating a rental apartment. The decor ideas presented are based off my experience. If in doubt, ask your landlord before making a change to the apartment!

Here are a few tips I learned for landlord-approved decor ideas:

+ Peel & Stick Wallpaper

It's basically a large sticker you can peel off your walls without leaving damage. I added the peel + stick wallpaper to our bedroom wall, but I have been thinking about ordering a different print for a kitchen backsplash!


  • If you live in an outdated rental, this is an easy way to help make it look newer (especially with a bathroom backsplash).

  • When searching for wallpaper, make sure to look specifically for "peel + stick". Regular wallpaper will cause damage to the wall and is more expensive to install. To learn more about the differences, read my previous post.

Peel + Stick Wallpaper I Love

(click on the images to shop the exact product)





+ Swapping Out Cabinet Hardware

This is something you can do in the bathroom or kitchen! It's a low-cost option that has large impact.

Tip: When removing original cabinetry hardware, put in a plastic baggy and store in a safe spot! You will likely need to install it back when you move out.

Chic Cabinetry for Kitchen and Bathroom

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+ Adding a Garbage Disposal

This isn't a decor tip, but it's one of the most popular changes I noticed renters do! A garbage disposal makes cleaning dishes + the sink easier, and doesn't cost too much money. Dan installed ours by himself!

Tip: If you add a garbage disposal, make sure to follow the instructions and keep any parts and/or pipes you remove. Most likely, your landlord won't make you put the original parts and pipes back in, but just in case it's best to store in a safe spot.

Easy-to-Install Garbage Disposals

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+ No-show wires for mounting electronics

Most people mount their TV's, but many asked if they could do a no-show wire for a cleaner look. The answer was always yes, and we usually didn't make them remove it when they moved out because the next renter is excited to use it.

Tip: Install in a place most people will want to put a TV to reduce the chance of the landlord asking to patch it up during move out.

Easy-to-Install No-Show Wire Kits

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+ Closet Organizers

I had residents who used California Closets to maximize their space, and also residents who used lower priced options, such as the Container Store or Amazon to organize their closet. Either option works, but my biggest suggest is to pick an organizer you are OK with leaving in the closet when moving out (ex. California Closets are created exactly to the closet dimensions and no closet is the same exact size).

Tip: There are SO many different price points for closet organizers - I suggest Amazon for budget-friendly options.

Budget-Friendly Closet Organizers

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