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My SURPRISE Bridal Shower

Just to start this off, I knew I was going to have a bridal shower, but did not know WHEN. My Mom thought it would be fun to make it a surprise. She coordinated with my boss, coworkers, apartment building, Maid of Honor (MOH), future mother-in law and friends to make this happen. Usually, I am onto her tricks, but because my boss and coworkers were involved, I didn't look too much into the hints.


Last week, I received an email from my boss, sent to him by his boss, asking if I could do a "VIP tour" with an employee referral. If you get asked to do a VIP tour, it's an honor to do, so I was very excited. Since the tour was at a different property than the one I normally work at, I was a little suspicious, but I've done VIP tours at other properties before. I shook off the idea that maybe it was my surprise bridal shower. Why would my boss' boss be involved in this? Why would work go out of their way to make up some fake VIP person just to trick me? No way was this for my surprise bridal shower.

Anyways, my boss put me in contact with the VIP, and we emailed beforehand to set up the tour, trying to get any details I could to make sure the tour itinerary was perfect. To prep, I talked with my coworkers and confirmed pricing, units to show, features, etc. While talking to a co-worker, I mispronounced the VIP's name, and she corrected me. Also (ironically), one of the properties I needed to show was the property I personally live at, but it wasn't abnormal to give a tour at my property. The day before the tour, my boss and I emailed the VIP to let them know I looked forward to the tour, and we discussed the time we would meet to begin viewing apartments. The VIP tour felt very real since I was emailing a person and didn't think my boss would make up a fake contact just to help my Mom with the surprise.

Finally, Saturday was here. I woke up early (I was a little nervous for my VIP tour) and curled my hair, put on make up, had breakfast and steamed my bridal shower dresses. The last 4 weekends, I would wake up early to steam my dresses because I never knew when the party was! I thought maybe it was after work? Or maybe it was Sunday during my day off. I didn't really have a clue because each weekend would pass by and no bridal shower happened.

I left for work early (around 8ish), and began the day of showings until my tour later in the day (1:00 PM). I was planning to leave at 12:00 PM, to arrive at 1:00 PM (it only takes 20 minutes to bike home, the first property I was planning to show). Just before I was about to leave at noon, I received a text from the VIP saying "hey I'm running late, can we meet at 1:30 PM?". So, I stayed a little longer at work, and I remember thinking "OK this VIP is definitely a real person, no way this is my surprise bridal shower".

Finally, I left work to go home since this was the first property I was going to show. As I was driving up, Dan called me asking if I wanted something to eat. I told him no, and but felt bad because it seemed like he wanted to see me prior to my tour and have lunch together. When I arrived at my building, I was about to go to the leasing office to put my stuff down, but decided to go upstairs since Dan wanted to order me lunch and eat together (I wasn't going to sit down and do lunch, but at least drop off my jacket, work bag and show my face before the tour).

As I was walking down the hall to our apartment and heard a lot of noise coming from the outside terrace on our floor. I remember thinking to myself "oh I wonder if this is my surprise bridal shower" ~jokingly~. I stood and listened quietly, and realized I could hear two people yelling at everyone to get quiet, the person is coming. I recognized these voices - my Mom and MOH. Oh my gosh. THIS IS MY SURPRISE BRIDAL SHOWER. Dan opened up the door, and could see my face was in shock. He goes "go outside"!! I said "What about my tour?!". Dan kept saying "go outside!!".

I walked to the outdoor terrace, and when I reached outside everyone yelled "SURPRISE!". I was in shock and shaking because I had NO IDEA THIS WAS ALL HAPPENING. I really thought I had a VIP tour!!! Turns out, the VIP was a coworkers daughter who was emailing and texting me this week. I still cannot believe it. The surprise was a huge success!


I walked into a room of 25-30 family and friends, many I haven't seen in over a year due to the pandemic! My bridal shower was planned by KM Events, and it was absolutely magical and amazing! Sharing photos from the event.

Here is me walking into the surprise!

After walking out and saying hi, I went back to my apartment and changed into my white dress!

We also did a cute bridal shower game to see who knew the bride or groom better!


A HUGE thank you to all the people who made this day special. Special shout out to my Mom, boss, MOH and future mother-in law for somehow pulling off the best surprise that I had no idea was happening!

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